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Professional catering and catering services from a cozy family party to entertaining company buffet

Are you organizing a social event, company party, vernissage, birthday party or a wedding? It will be a pleasure for us to manage complete catering services for you and to provide you and your guests with unforgettable experience. If you expect precise and top-notch performance, we are the people for you. 

We are an experienced and perfectly synchronized team, which regularly hosts wedding feasts, company events or buffet. We also provide catering services for official state visits, local government bodies or eminent companies. We have been delivering world-class catering services to international and local customers since 1994. Catering is our domain, daily work, and simultaneously our hobby. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to our cooperation. 

Why should you choose us?

  • we will provide catering services for events of any size (small parties or big banquets)
  • we also have vast experiences in planning accompanying programs to your events
  • we strictly follow all hygienic norms and principles
  • we are flexible and reliable and ready to follow any of your demands

How does it work?

If you contact us (by phone, online or in person) at first we will individually go through the details of your demands. We use our own equipment for caterings or social events of up to 2000 people. In order to provide our customers with flexible and reliant services we own our storage and manufactory in Prague 4. We will arrange venues according to your demands and needs – we offer modern or historical areas and an interesting option which is an open air catering. Frequently used spaces are congressional houses, chamber halls, conference halls, and also terraces or galleries.

"Turnkey" catering

We offer catering services for favourable prices tailored to your own needs and demands. For example you can order lighter, more modest type of refreshments, afternoon cocktails with basic treats, or banquets with meals served to sitting guests.

Let us know what you desire and we will take care of the rest in order to make you as pleased as possible.


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Petr Boura 

Catering Project Manager

Cell phone No.: +420 604 589 596

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